Oil paintings by Georgina Joseph

Here at the Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub we are proud to present a selected collection of oil paintings by Georgina Joseph, , who focuses on landscape paintings of Eastern England; especially the farmed environment. Her paintings reflect the impressions golden harvest fields and churches silhouetted against the warm honeyed light of the setting sun. The rich texture of the oil paint describes the joy of a petal caught in the light against a deep shadow or the swirl of golden barley beneath a brilliant blue sky. All of her paintings are completed in front of the subject; Georgina's work focuses on North Norfolk being inspired by interplay of light and colour.

The Hub, which is the first of its kind in the UK, is managed by NIAB and located in the Cambridgeshire Fens, at Hasse Fen near Soham. The aim is to increase productivity and reduce crop wastage along the value chain; especially before produce reaches the processor and retailer. The Hub allows access to infrastructure, farmers and industry and we thought it would provide an ideal venue to showcase artists concentrating on East Anglian Farming.

Currently we are exhibiting the following paintings from Georgina:

  1. Willow and Distant Bales
  2. Mallow, Cley Church and Mill (see adjacent)
  3. Bugloss,Cley Church and Mill
  4. Mallow Hedge (see adjacent)
  5. Potato Flowers and Blakeney Church

Georgina and her husband, William Garfit open their studios together at their home, The Old Rectory, Harlton, Cambridge CB23 1ES. As well as taking part in Cambridge Studios; please find more information on

For any information on pricing please email myself or

Mallow HedgeMallow Hedge

Mallow, Cley Church and MillMallow, Cley Church and Mill